Lalangue” is a concept coinedby Jacques Lacan, which refers to the dimension of languaje that is in itself a form of jouissance. It’s the motor of the unconcious jouissance (lets remember the famous quote: “L’inconscient est structuré comme un langage” – The unconcious is structured like language).

Psychoanalysis, through free association, aims to find the holes and inconsistencies in the apparently coherent system of languaje. The lalangue of the unconsious is that which blurts out when we least expect it, as it happens with ”Parapraxis”, such as lapsus, slips of the tongue and dreams. Most of the time when that happens, we believe we’ve made a mistake, “we didn’t mean to say that”, it seems as though we are being spoken; and as a matter of fact, we are: “The unconcious is the discourse of the Other ” (Lacan, J., Seminar on “The Purloined Letter” in Écrits). That is exactly why, it is in those holes that our unconcious comes out, the true word is spoken.

Language is made of the connection of one signifier to another, but there is a signifier without links, a One which makes up “lalangue”: an amalgam of libido and signifiers. Every subject has a unique lalangue, while language is shared by members of a culture.

So this is my lalangue. Where I (hope/think) I can pour every word and random thought, related to psych or not.

 Anyway! Besides all that explanation, being an aspiring Lacanian I thought it was a good name for my blog, and for those who don’t speak spanish, the tagline Donde la palabra se mezcla con el goce, means: “where the word mixes with jouissance (enjoyment/pleasure)”


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